In the last few days, through writings in the media, there were proclaims that "The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) doesn’t pay attention to customer complaints" as well as other statements related to market opening and conditions established by ERO. Such statements do not coincide with reality because ERO has so far proved that no regulatory process has been developed without the involvement of all parties. All ERO rules, prior to approval, have been subject to public consultations and are published on the ERO website, in order to receive comments from all parties. ERO has never refused to discuss the regulatory aspects with any party, especially with customers. All customer groups, but also individual customers have the opportunity, and they have used this opportunity so far, to meet ERO officials and in particular the Costumer Protection Department.

With respect to the Energy Market Opening, this is a long process that was initiated years ago. Kosovo, being a signatory party of the Energy Community Treaty, has pledged to implement the directives of European Union on energy, which establish a legislation that supports the free market in energy sector. ERO Board, in its session held on 18 January 2017, approved the Guideline on Liberalization of Electricity Market in Kosovo. In addition to serving as a guide to the actions that will be undertaken by all market participants towards the functioning of the free electricity market, the Guideline also sets out the manner, criteria and timing for opening of the electricity market in Kosovo, at electricity generation and supply level. Due to the lack of effective competition, with the aim of protecting costumers and preventing the abuse of  dominant position of electricity supply, the Board has decided to set Public Service Obligations to suppliers who provide Universal Service of electricity. Whereas, through the Guideline on Market Liberalization, ERO has foreseen the stages of customer transition to the free market, even though it is worth mentioning that based on the legislation in force, all costumers are free to choose their own supplier. On this purpose,  ERO has so far licensed 7 suppliers, but taking into account the non-functioning of all these suppliers, ERO has extended the terms for an additional year, for transition of customers connected to the 10kV and 35kV voltage levels. A few months ago, ERO has once again informed this group of customers on the future developments and has held several meetings to clarify the manner of supply on a free market where prices are not regulated but are subject to free competition.

Regarding the issue of energy generation for own-consumption, ERO wants to clarify that this aspect is regulated by the Rule on Authorization Procedure for Construction of New Generation Capacities from Renewable Energy Sources and Rule on Support Scheme, which were approved by ERO Board on 27 April 2017.
These rules aim to establish the conditions for efficient and cost-effective use of energy, considering the size of these generators and their impact on the energy system and the environment in general.

At the time when these rules were published for public consultation and were approved by the Board, all reasonable remarks made by experts and system operators were taken into consideration. Meanwhile, there were no comments from customers. It is worth mentioning that currently,  Kosovo is the first and the only country in the region that has regulated this aspect.

Following the recent concerns expressed by a customer group, connected to the voltage level of 10kV and 35kV, ERO will initiate a review of the rules, which will undergo the foreseen procedures for analyzing and reviewing all technical and regulatory aspects.

ERO wants to emphasize once again that it is always open to discuss any aspect that is within its competencies. Also, ERO invites all the Chambers and other stakeholders to be more active in the processes of public review of documents which affect their members and provide their comments and contribution on these documents.

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