District heating sector in Kosova consists of four district heating companies/enterprises that cover the municipalities of Prishtina, Gjakova, Mitrovica and Zveçan.
An important development in the district heating sector in Kosova in terms of the completion of legal and regulatory basis for the district heating sector in Kosova is the adoption of the Law No. 03/L-116 on District Heating by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosova on 20 November 2008. The Law on District Heating defines conditions and standards for the carrying out conduct of any heat production, distribution and supply, conditions for operating with  district heating  facilities , market organization and access to distribution network, as well as the rights and obligations of the entities that act under this Law. Also, the Law on Public Enterprises, adopted in June 2008, has brought changes in terms of ownership, corporate governance and oversight.. In fact this Law classifies the district heating companies as local public companies, which subsequently are transferred to the ownership and supervision of respective municipalities. Furthermore, pursuant to this Law, such companies are organized as shareholding companies, with shareholder rights exercised by the Municipal Shareholders Committee, while the company activities are supervised by the Board of Directors, which is elected by the Municipal Shareholders Committee. D.H. “Termokos” J.S.C  and D.H. “Gjakova” J.S.C function as corporations, i.e. as joint stock companies, whereas D.H “Termomit” and D.H “Zveçan” operate as business units of municipal integrated companies of Mitrovica and Zveçan respectively.  DH Termokos and DH Gjakova are still in the process of implementing corporate governance in accordance with internationally recognized practices, as well as achieving objectives for a successful operation on commercial basis. Despite positive developments in this area, these companies are not yet functioning as self-sustainable and profitable businesses. As a result they remain dependent on the Kosova Consolidated Budget subsidies.GenerationHeat generation is performed in central heating plants equipped with boilers witch   mainly use heavy fuel oil (mazut) and a small amount of  light fuel oil (diesel), which fuels are imported with a price following stock market prices plus a premium for covering supplier’s expenses.Distribution
A common trait of all heating district heating systems in Kosova is that their distribution network consists of a primary network up to the delivery (supply) point in the substation and the secondary network from the delivery (supply) point in the substation to the final users. District heating system in Mitrovica consists of two separate distribution networks. Main part of the primary network is connected to the main heat plant, while the other one is connected to the heat plant at the hospital premises. Companies
DH Termokos

DH Termokos was established in 1970 as a district heating company. In 1974 "Termokos" joined the Housing Enterprise of Prishtina. In 1978 it separated from the Housing Enterprise and started operating as an independent heating distribution company, under the supervision of the Municipality of Prishtina. Before November 2006, "Termokos" was under the supervision of UNMIK's Department of Public Services. Then, the Kosova Trust Agency (KTA) was established within UNMIK's reserved authorizations. The Department for Supervision of Public Enterprises operated under its authority and "Termokos" was part of it. Besides other responsibilities, KTA supervised all "Termokos" activities, including procurement procedures on fuel supply and donations. Since 2006 it has been incorporated and operating as a public company, DH Termokos JSC. Since June 2008 it has been under the supervision of the Municipality of Prishtina.
DH Termokos JSC provides heating services in the following regions of Prishtina:
1. Downtown
2. Ulpiana
3. Dardania
4. Kodra e Diellit
5. University Clinic Center
6. Kalabria Neighborhood
- Providing services in the secondary network and work with third parties
- Intervening in all secondary network equipment
- Providing services in chemical cleaning of heating boilers and heat exchangers
- Providing repair services for heat equipment (boilers, pumps, ventilators, burners)

DH  Gjakova

District Heating Gjakova JSC is a public company operating in both commercial and household heating sectors. It was founded in 1981, operating initially within the Housing Enterprise (BVI) in the area of housing and municipal activities. Since 1983, the Company has operated separately from the Housing Enterprise as a SOE under the same name. In 1985 the company changed its name from NPT District Heating to Company for thermofication, design and installation “INGRO" Gjakova. Në 1998 the property was transformed back into socially-owned and today it is called the Public Company for Thermofication in Gjakova, and its property has been transferred to the ownership of the Municipal Assembly of Gjakova. After 1999 with the arrival of UNMIK in Kosova, District Heating Gjakova was included under DPS, and afterwards under KTA’s Division on Energy with the Supervisory Board chairing management bodies. In January 2006 NPT District Heating transformed into a joint stock company under the name of “District Heating Gjakova” JSC Gjakova with the Board of Directors. Distribution network of the District Heating Gjakova JSC is divided into two branches:

Old network (Primary school "Zekeria Rexha”)
New Network (Hospital)
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Temporary Instruction No. 02/2004 on  Conditions and Procedures for New Connections into the District Heating Distribution Network Temporary Instruction No. 01/2004 on the Principles of Pricing and Tariff Calculation in the Heating Sector in Kosova for the 2004/2005 heating season.
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