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Seanca V

ERO Board held the 5th session for this year

The Board of Energy Regulatory Office today held its fifth (V) session for this year.

In this session, the Board decided to extend the term of the Public Service Obligation to the electricity supply operator KESCO JSC., for the supply of final customers who are entitled the universal supply, until 31 March 2021.

The decision on the Public Service Obligation was initially taken by the ERO Board on 18 January 2017, in which case the competition in the electricity market in the country was assessed and it was concluded that there is no effective competition due to the lack of other operators in the electricity supply market. Despite the fact that ERO has so far licensed 8 legal entities for electricity supply, in addition to KESCO, other entities licensed for electricity supply in Kosovo are not operating as active suppliers. Therefore, in order to protect customers, as well as to prevent abuse of the dominant position of electricity supply, the ERO Board has decided to extend KESCO's obligation for provision of Public Service as a Universal Service Supplier.

Also, in this session, ERO Board has decided to issue a license for electricity generation from renewable energy sources, to the company "Hidroenergji" LLC, for the operation of the hydropower plant "Lepenci 3", with a capacity of 9.98 MW . This decision was taken after the company has fulfilled all the requirements arising from local legislation for the regulation of these activities.

Part of the review by the Board was also the new design of ERO’s website, in which case the Board has given its consent for launching it, considering that the new design of this site is oriented towards transparency and higher involvement of the public in regulatory processes. Also, the new ERO website will provide easier access to customers regarding the information they may need as well as to other parties that follow ERO activities.

The Board has also reviewed several other issues related to the functioning of the Regulatory Office and the energy sector in general.

All decisions of ERO Board are published on the official website

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