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Takimi me Klubin e Prodhuesve te Kosoves

The Energy Regulator continues explanatory meetings with customers on exiting to the free electricity market

As part of the meetings with customers, representatives of the Energy Regulator, today, on 19 January 2021, in the offices of the Kosovo Manufacturing Club (KMC) have held an informatory meeting with representatives of this club and some manufacturing companies that are part of the group of customers that will exit from regulated prices to the open market of electricity supply. This was part of the meetings that the Regulator has been holding in recent days with all representatives of these customer groups in order to exchange information on concrete actions that need to be taken in the framework of the liberalization of the electricity market and the deadline set by the Energy Regulator on exit to the free market.

The representatives of the Regulator have explained in these meetings the actions taken by the Regulator as well as the criteria and timing of the beginning of liberalization of the electricity market as defined by the laws and regulations in force.

According to the legislation in force, the right to universal service of supply, where for a while the tariffs will be regulated, is entitled to all household and non-household customers who have an annual turnover of not more than ten (10) million euros, or have less than fifty (50) employees. While non-household customers connected to the voltage level of 35 kV and voltage level of 10 kV, who do not meet the above criteria will be subject to electricity supply market criteria and prices by 31 March 2021 at the latest.

The representatives of these customers are emphasizing that in principle they support the opening of the market and understand its importance, but their situation is hard given the pandemic but also the fact that the suppliers in the electricity supply market are not functional yet.

Representatives of the Regulator have emphasized once again that the role of the Regulator will remain the same in customer care and that the whole liberalization process will be monitored to ensure that market rules are respected and customers are provided with appropriate services without discrimination.

The Regulator encourages the customers to start the procedures to find suppliers who offer unregulated prices, and who are licensed by ERO for electricity supply. Contacts of licensed operators are sent to all parties and are public in the register published on the official website of ERO ( ).