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Fourth (IV) Session of ERO Board in 2023



The Board of Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) held today the IVth consecutive session for this year.

In this session, the Board approved the requests for extension of the electricity supply license of “Future Energy Trading and Exchange Dynamics” and the electricity wholesale supply (trade) license of Danske Commodities Kosova, as well as approved the request for electricity license of the company Sharrcem.

In this session, following the final review of monitoring report, the Board decided on imposition of a fine in an amount of €3.2 million for Kosovo Energy Corporation and €439,000 for the Transmission System and Market Operator (KOSTT).

The Board also reviewed and approved the proposal for correction of decisions V_1680_2023 and V_1681_2023 in relation to the dispute raised by the Transmission System and Market Operator (KOSTT) against Distribution System Operator (KEDS) and Universal Service Supplier (KESCO).

In this session, the Board reviewed and approved fifteen (15) requests of customers for authorization for self-consumption, of which four (4) were submitted by companies and eleven (11) from natural applicants, with a total capacity of 268 kW.

Part of review from the Board were also some customer complaints and other issues related to functioning of the sector and the Energy Regulatory Office.

All decisions of the Board will be published on the electronic website of the Energy Regulator .