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Eighth Session of ERO Board


On 18 August 2023, the Board of Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) held the eighth session for this year.

In this session, the Board approved the Rule on Prosumers of Renewable Sources. Upon the entry into force of this rule, electricity customers of all voltage levels can obtain the status of the prosumer or self-customer and will be compensated through net billing for the energy they inject into the network.

In this session, the Board decided on the issuance of the authorization for construction of the solar project of 150 MW in Municipality of Gjakova for the company Solar Energy Group Europe, granting of authorization for construction of other solar projects with 1 MW for the company Eling Grouo, as well as Energy Development Group of 6 MW.

The Board also handled the requests of Wind Park Zatric, with a total capacity of both projects of 70 MW which will be dealt with in accordance with the regulated framework.

During this session, the Board also approved the requests related to the provision of licenses to the companies Eurosol&Energy LTD, MCM COMMODITIES and MONTING.

All decisions of ERO Board will be published on the electronic website of ERO .