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On 19 July 2022, the Electricity Supplier, charged with the public service obligation as a Universal Service Supplier (USS/KSCO), submitted an official request to the ERO for the opening of the Extraordinary Review of Maximum Allowed Revenues for USS. USS bases its request on operating below the cost, due to the lack of the subsidy committed by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the increasing trend of prices in the wholesale electricity markets.

From the moment of submitting the request for Extraordinary Review, USS within 20 working days must present detailed justifications along with the calculations of the financial impact. Following the receipt of the detailed justifications, ERO will review the request of USS to see whether the materiality threshold of 5% of USS revenues is exceeded and the criteria of the Rule on USS Revenues are met in order to open the Extraordinary Review of retail tariffs for regulated electricity customers.

ERO will notify the broad public in relation to the actions that will be undertaken.