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Energy Regulatory Office participated in the seminar “Establishment of Market Mechanisms and Segments for Energy Exchange”, held in Athens on 15-17 June 2022, organized by NARUC/USAID. In this workshop, as part of the initiative of south-east Europe electricity markets coupling, there was participation from the Energy Regulators of Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece.  Greece, with main actors in the energy sector, which were an active part of market coupling with other EU countries, shared their experiences and challenges during the market coupling with Italy and Bulgaria.

Mr. Ymer Fejzullahu, in his introductory speech, emphasized the importance of markets integration and its advantages, the benefits from the best use of generating capacities, increase of competition in energy markets as well as increase of economic growth of participating countries paving the way for attracting investments in the private sector.

This initiative of NARUC aims to provide support to south-east European countries for developing their markets, coupling with the European market, increase of energy market performance in the region, increase of the security of supply as well as increase of liquidity, transparency, efficiency and economic well-being.