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Eleventh (XI) Session of ERO Board


Today, on 31 October 2023, the Board of Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) held the eleventh consecutive session for this year.

In this session, the Board decided on approving the Market Model and Market Rules. The Market Model, approved by the Board, is based on markets organized in different timeframes such as future markets, day-ahead markets, intra-day markets and balancing markets. The Market Model includes new trading platforms (ALPEX PX) for promoting renewable sources in the market at low cost and to increase trading in ALPEX. Whereas the Market Rules approved by the Board describe how the parties can trade with each other and how these parties must interact with the TSO, in order to manage the physical balance of the system.

In this session, the Board also approved the technical criteria for the connection of self-customers of the renewable sources to the distribution network as well as issued two authorizations for construction of solar projects.

In this session, the Board reviewed the Notice for the State Aid Commission on Commencement of Implementation of the Rule no. 03/2023 on Prosumers of Renewable Sources from the Energy Regulatory Office.

Part of review from the Board were also some customer complaints as well as other issues related to the functioning of the sector and of the Energy Regulatory Office.

All decisions of the ERO Board will be published on the official website of ERO .