The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and in cooperation with the National Association of Public Utilities Commissioners (NARUC), in a recent activity held on 19, 20 and 21 August, focused on reviewing and developing policies available to Kosovo in addressing the regulatory role and responsibilities in protecting vulnerable customers. Since 2018, the topic of protecting vulnerable customers has been part of ERO's Partnership Activity with NARUC.The partnership between ERO and NARUC has been supported since 2008 by USAID Agency.
Given that the issue of “Vulnerable Customers” includes numerous stakeholders, ERO has considered that the Regulator has an important role to play in this process, and as part of its partnership with NARUC, has committed itself to better understand the extent to which vulnerable consumers will be affected by the removal of cross-subsidies, the methods by which these customers will be classified, and the policy options available to Kosovo in addressing this issue.
Through this activity, USAID, NARUC and ERO continued to review and elaborate definitions and methodologies for identifying vulnerable customers, as well as data and information collected by ERO. Experts engaged by NARUC and ERO have also discussed US and EU customer protection policy approaches, focusing on identifying vulnerable customers, disconnection policies, energy efficiency programs and providing proper information to these vulnerable groups. The experts have also reviewed the policy report on protection of these customer groups, compiled by World Bank experts, ERO and other stakeholders.
At the end of this activity, ERO experts have concluded that they will continue to engage with relevant ministries and other stakeholders in Kosovo in order to determine the next most appropriate steps for protecting vulnerable customers.

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