Electricity regulated tariffs remain the same for the tariff year 2019. Authorizations were issued for construction of the power plant for electricity generation from BIOMASS, for construction of the own-consumption generator as well as a new license for electricity supply services.

The Board of Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), in its fifth (Vth) Session for this year, held today on 16 April 2019, reviewed the tariffs for transmission and distribution services as well as retail tariffs for electricity universal service of supply. According to ERO Board, the retail tariffs for regulated customers shall remain the same for this tariff year (1 April 2019- 31 March 2020).

During this session, part of the Board’s review, was also the request of Distribution System Operator (KEDS) on opening an extraordinary review of Regulatory Parameters for the period 2018-2022. However, the Board evaluated that KEDS request does not fulfil the legal criteria for opening of the extraordinary review and is not based on law or on the financial statements, therefore decided to refuse it and extend the application of current Regulatory Parameters. Based on these parameters, the Board, on 28 March 2019, set the Maximum Allowed Revenues for Transmission System Operator, Distribution System Operator and Universal Service Supplier.

In this Session, the Board also approved the request of District Heating of Gjakova, for obtaining the Preliminary Authorization for construction of the power plant for electricity and thermal energy generation from biomass, with an installed capacity of 15 MW for thermal energy and 1.2 MW for electricity generation. This project will be funded by the European Union and is the first project in the country from biomass resources.

Following the review, the Board approved the request of “Enerco LLC” for obtaining the license for electricity supply, increasing the number of electricity supply licensees to 8 and establishing even more favourable conditions for the functioning of an open electricity market.

In this Session, it was also decided on the approval of the request of a customer, from the Municipality of Pristina, for construction of new generation capacities for own-consumption, with an installed capacity of 5 kW.

As part of the review as usual, were also customer complaints and some issues of the Regulator’s Office management.

All Decisions of the Regulator’s Board will be published on the website .

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