Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) wants to inform the general public that last night, 15 October 2019, in the central news edition of the "KohaVizion" television, during the broadcast of the story on the Hydro Power Plants in the municipalities of Deçan and Shtërpca, there were some false claims that undermine the professionalism and independence of the Energy Regulatory Office, as an independent body established by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.
In spite of the explanations given to the journalist regarding the topic addressed, two false claims were highlighted during the broadcast of the story which ERO strongly denies and clarifies that:

Despite the fact that ERO informed the journalist that the Certificates of Use, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP), have been submitted to ERO for the hydro power plants in the municipality of Deçan, the story in question claims that MESP has not issued such certificates.
ERO wants to inform the general public that the files of these projects contain the certificates issued by MESP, the License for Use of the HPP Lumëbardhi II., ZSP-1072/2019 dated 23.08.2019, and the License for Use of the HPP Belaja and HPP Deçan ZSP-1220/2019 dated 20.09.2019.
Also, regarding the HPP Viça, the project is being implemented under the Construction Permit No. 351-2425 issued by the Directorate for Planning, Reconstruction, Urbanism and Environmental Protection, issued by the Municipality of Shtërpca which is responsible for overseeing construction under the construction permit and the Law on Construction.
ERO has several times clarified to this medium and wishes to clarify to the general public that the project in question has all the permits, consents and decisions (Environmental Consent and Water Consent issued by MESP, Electricity Consent issued by KEDS and Construction Permit issued by the Municipality of Shtërpca) required by the applicable laws. Therefore, it is intolerable to misinform the public claiming that the implementation of this project may be suspended by ERO.

In order to properly inform the public, the Energy Regulatory Office asks the editorial office of the "KohaVizion" television to broadcast this reaction and clarification regarding the story broadcast in the Central News edition.

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