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Seanca e IX e Bordit per vitin 2020


Today, on 12 November 2020, the Board of Energy Regulatory Office held its ninth (IXth) session for this year.

In this session, the requests of the Transmission System and Market Operator (KOSST) regarding the Procedure for Exchange and Activation of Reserves for Balancing the Regulatory Areas Kosovo-Albania and Allocation of Interconnection Capacities, as well as Auction Rules on allocation of capacities in the Coordinated Auction Office in the South-East Europe were approved.

During this session, the Board also approved the long-term licenses for electricity generation of the company KELKOS ENERGY LLC for HPP Deçani and HPP Belaja.

Part of the review and approval from the Board in this session was the Annex of the Agreement KEK- Termokos, related to the price of electricity from cogeneration;

The Board also approved the requests of 8 applicants for construction of a total of 233kW  self-consumption generating capacities from solar panels in the municipalities of Prishtina, Garaçanica, Malisheva and Deçan.

In this session, the Board reviewed the Performance Plan of the Energy Regulatory Office for 2021. This Performance Plan is an important determining factor for the fulfillment of legal duties and responsibilities, stipulated in Article 15 of the Law on Energy Regulator, as well as for the planning of ERO Revenues and Expenditures, prepared in accordance with Article 22 of the Law on Energy Regulator (Law No. 05 / L-084) and Article 43, paragraph 3 of the Law on Organization and Functioning of State Administration and Independent Agencies (Law No. 06 / -113).

As usual in the Board sessions, even today, some customer complaints have been reviewed as well as other issues related to the functioning of the Regulatory Office.

All decisions of the Board of ERO are published on the official website .