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Seanca IV - 2020

ERO Board held the 4th session for this year

Today, on 23 June 2020, the Board of Energy Regulatory Office has held its fourth (IVth) session for this year.

As a first point, the Board has approved the Rule on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT). This rule, which will be implemented by the Energy Regulator, sets out the criteria that prohibit abusive practices that affect wholesale energy markets and also provides for the monitoring of wholesale energy markets in the country. Approval of this rule proves the importance that the Regulator devotes to the competitive market, and the need to ensure the integrity of this market, based on the Acquis of the European Union.

The Board also approved the amendments of the “Rule and Methodology for Preparation of Electricity and Thermal Energy Balances”. This rule defines the principles, procedures and methodologies for preparation of Electricity and Thermal Energy Balances.

This rule ensures that operators, who operate in the energy sector, present their production, consumption and loss plans according to the deadlines, enabling the most efficient operation of the relevant energy systems.

Due to the changes caused in the forecasts of energy flows, presented in this year's Balance Sheet, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, in this session, the Board has reviewed the Electricity Balance by adapting it to the circumstances, following the measures undertaken by the operators for the purpose of providing regular supply of electricity.

Also, as a result of changes in energy balances, the Board has reviewed and approved the Distribution Operator's Coefficients for nomination of losses for 2020.

Taking into account that part of the regulation of the transparent energy market is the Procedure of market rules for correction of measurements, this rule has also been reviewed and approved by the Board today.

Today, the Board also approved the Derogation’s Report of the Grid Code, Market Rules and License of the Transmission System Operator. These derogations will enable the Transmission System Operator to fulfill the requirements that it didn’t fulfill by the time it became a member of ENTSO-E.

At today's session, the request for a License for Wholesale Supply (trade) of electricity of the company Balkan Energy LLC was approved and four (4) authorizations for construction of own-consumption generators with installed capacity of 119.62 kW were also issued.

The Board has also reviewed a number of customer complaints as well as other issues related to the regulation of the sector and the management of Energy Regulatory Office.


All decisions of the ERO Board are published on the official website

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