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Seanca e X e Bordit të ZRRE për vitin 2020

Tenth Session for 2020 of the Board of Energy Regulatory Office

The Board of the Energy Regulator, in the session held today, the tenth in a row for this year, has approved the request of the Transmission System Operator and Market Operator (KOSTT) for the assignment and/or transfer of rights and obligations to ALPEX for organization of the day-ahead and intraday electricity market in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo. This decision comes as a result of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of the WB6 Program project for integration of the intraday electricity market, otherwise known as the "Albania-Kosovo Market Coupling Project".

In this session, the Board also decided to stop the application of the Support Scheme with Feed-in tariffs for construction of new generation capacities for generation of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The basis for making this decision is the fulfillment of generation targets for energy from RES by the end of 2020 according to Administrative Instruction no. 05/2017 on Renewable Energy Sources Targets, of the Ministry of Economic Development. ERO, in cooperation with other responsible institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, in accordance with the legal obligations and conclusions of the Council of Ministers of the Energy Community, dated 14 December 2017, will undertake action to develop projects from RES for new RES targets 2021-2030, through forms which are subject to free competition procedures, in line with best practices that are in the public interest.


Part of the review in this session was also the Methodology on Calculation of Reference Price for Energy Produced from Renewable Sources. This methodology defines the method of determining the reference price for energy generated from renewable energy sources (RES). This price will be applied by the Market Operator for the energy sold to the Suppliers. The same will apply to the sale and purchase of energy from RES according to the regulated framework. This methodology also defines the basic principles according to which the reference price will be calculated and the method of calculating this price.

The Board has approved the Report on evaluation of competition in the electricity market in Kosovo for the period 2018 - 2019. According to this report, it appears that despite the fact that so far 8 (eight) suppliers are licensed, all customers in the country are supplied by the only active supplier (KESCO). Apropos, the Board requested that the final version of the report shall be published and requested from Kosovo Competition Authority to initiate investigations regarding the barriers identified in this report for the non-functioning of the free electricity market in the country.

In this session, the Board also reviewed and approved the Distribution Code and that of the Electricity Metering of the Distribution System Operator (DSO), as well as approved the annual balances for 2021 and the long-term ones (2021 - 2030) of electricity and thermal energy.

Six requests for construction of new capacities for self-consumption of electricity by solar panels were also approved, with a total installed capacity of 208.52kW.

As usual in the Board sessions, some customer complaints have been reviewed as well as other issues related to the functioning of the Regulatory Office.    

All decisions of the Board of ERO are published on the official website